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We are SEOs who get results. We cut out all the BS and give it to you straight: in-depth case studies and on-demand SEO content to help you rank.

CASE STUDY: Project Aphrodite

1300% Increase in Organic Visitors in an Affiliate Marketing JV

We walk you through every step we took to achieve this. Broken down into technical SEO, content, and link-building.  And also, how we managed to land this JV in the first place.

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What We Do

SEO Content

With our proven methodology, we create content that is engaging and SEO-optmized. When you outsource your content creation to us, we can get your article to the top of the SERP.

The Boost Blog

We share our latest insights and today’s best practices through in-depth case studies, SEO tool reviews, and how-tos.

Latest Posts

$0 to $21k+ PER MONTH in 17 Months

Read about how we used a unique approach in combination with a well-rounded SEO strategy allowed to rapidly grow this site from $0 to $21k+ PER MONTH in 17 months (with only $32k spent).

Project Artemis: A Quick Fix and Flip

In this live, over-the-shoulder case study in the hunting and outdoors niche, we will take you through the 5 step process of a website flip: Acquisition, Stabilization, Growth, Optimization, and Exit.

Project Alcyone: Started From The Bottom

This is a live, over-the-shoulder type case study wherein I show you a general overview of the processes and strategies we use to achieve the results we do at BoostZeus.

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My Story

Hi, I’m Mico. I’m a full-time SEO and online marketer. I built this site to document and share my journey as an online entrepreneur. On BoostZeus, I share my latest insights on what’s working now through in-depth blog posts and case studies.

Things We Talk About