Career Opportunities

Full-Time Off-page SEO Assistant

URGENT need for SEO Detectives! 

We’re looking for thinkers. 

Candidates who don’t panic when they’re asked to solve a puzzle. Candidates who love to analyze just about anything they hear or see – like why the concept Brunch exists to mind-boggling movies like Fight Club or Inception. 

Curious? Already analyzing what this role entails? 

We’re one step ahead of you; here’s what your day-to-day will look like as an Off-Page SEO Assistant/Manager: 

  1. Use your detective & analytical prowess to monitor and audit the “health” of several websites – are the websites running smoothly?
  2. Coordinate with a team on how to build links to a website – you’ll work alongside friendly and cooperative members to grow a website’s visibility. As a fellow detective/analyst, you’ll fit right in.
  3. Ensure websites are profitable – Being an SEO detective includes reading numbers and understanding the relationship of those numbers to a website. There’s a secret to geniuses who understand numbers better than most, and we’re reaching out to you to help us solve this puzzle.
  4. Lurk in the shadows and spy on competitors – How stealthy are you? Because this role also entails studying & spying on your competitors (legally, of course), staying in the shadows to gather important information, and stepping out of the shadows to improve a website’s overall performance.

* Additional possible role (Confessions of a Candy Crush Addict): Part of this role might require you to manage our Pinterest account, which requires strategy. Similar to how you obsessively strategize your candies on Candy Crush, right? It’s okay. You can tell us. We don’t judge. 

Managing a Pinterest account includes ensuring you’re up-to-date with Pinterest trends, post Pinterest-worthy photos, and oversee the relationship between our Pinterest account and our websites. 

So how bout it, detective? If you’re interested…

Please email your CV and cover letter to and use the subject: “Off-Page SEO Assistant – [NAME]”. Include how you found out about the job posting as well. 💙


  • Proper guidance and examples on how to build, manage, develop websites, either from the ground up or from existing domains.
  • Work with a team that values one’s opinions and contributions
  • Starting fixed salary compensation of 15k – 20k per month
  • Work at the convenience of your home (9 AM to 5 PM)
  • Participate in team building “gaming” sessions like Werewolf, Among Us,, etc.


As a full-time Off-Page Assistant, you’ll be tasked to do the following:

  • Assist in research and analysis on different topics like fashion, furniture, and etc.
  • Compare and contrast between our portfolio sites with its competitors in order to achieve high rankings in search engines
  • Handle websites about various niches e.g. gadgets, skincare products, entertainment, etc.
  • Assist in miscellaneous tasks for the portfolio involving SEO experiments, niche research, social media management, and etc.
  • Join team meetings that happen on a daily basis for coordination using Discord
  • Use Slack for communication purposes and Asana as the main project management hub (Read more about Asana here)

Educational Background:

  • Completed college degree

Work Experience:

  • 0 to 2 years work experience
  • Fresh Grads welcome to apply!


  • Smart, organized, diligent, and hardworking
  • Analysis and Puzzle-solving skills
  • Familiar with Google docs, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel
  • Willing to learn our SEO process and standards
  • Can do quick research about various topics
  • Good attention to detail
  • Willing to learn some software and techniques to make sure our portfolio of websites is fully optimized

Application Process

If interested, please email your CV and cover letter to and use the subject: “SEO Writer – [NAME].” 

Please include how you found out about this job opening in your email.

After you send your email, we will reply with a link and instructions on making a sample article. This part of the process will test your writing skills as well as your aptitude for working with new SEO tools. Your output will determine if an interview will be scheduled. Even though the sample article will involve SEO tools, the instructions will assume that the candidates have no previous SEO writing experience, since even those with no SEO experience are welcome.