Career Opportunities

Off-Page Associate for BoostZeus SEO Team

Job Title:

Off-page Associate


Educational Background:

  • Completed college degree

Work Experience:

  • 0 to 2 years work experience

Equipment Requirements:

  • Working laptop/desktop 
  • Stable internet connection


  • Smart, organized, diligent, willing to learn, and hardworking
  • Needs to have an eye for detail
  • Able to write well in English
  • Charismatic, particularly within e-mail communications and negotiations
  • Comfortable with spreadsheets (Excel/Google Sheets), though being an expert is not needed
  • Familiar with GSuite Applications docs and related software
  • Able to coordinate with people and carry out tasks efficiently

Job Description

This job is 100% remote but it is full-time. The candidate is expected to work Monday to Friday. Company policy dictates that the hours worked per week need only be 35 hours.

The Off-page SEO department of the company takes care of link building and outreach for the company’s portfolio of websites. Basically, this means that the candidate will learn to manage an en-masse outreach system that has been developed by the company. No prior experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn.

We are looking for someone organized and savvy with Google Docs and related software. Someone who is willing to do different tasks in line with the team’s objectives for each week. These tasks involve the following:

  • Data management and recording, as outreaching to several sites will need proper data management with spreadsheets. No data scientists necessary, just someone who doesn’t get scared of Excel.
  • Reviewing potential partner websites if they pass certain criteria to be outreached to
  • Managing communications with several reporters and websites at a time
  • Writing creative, helpful responses to PR queries, which involves quickly researching and creating relevant content to answer questions coming from reporters, as part of the company’s PR strategy.

The candidate will undergo training at first, to learn the step-by-step processes created by the company.

We are a small team, so as we grow, so will the candidate. We will prefer a candidate willing and able to grow to take more responsibility in the future.


  • Fixed Salary
  • Remote Work
  • Will be trained and mentored by experienced SEOs

Who We Are

We are a team of SEOs that build and run a portfolio of websites that rank on search engines. Our portfolio is diverse (beauty, appliances, software, home improvement). We produce content, do on-page and off-page optimization, and other things to improve rankings. You can learn a little bit about us on our website (, but because it is new, you will learn more about us during the interview. We’re a very small team but have been lean, successful, and growing fast since the beginning.

Team culture is very important to us. We’ve done our best to describe that culture in a few bullet points:

  • We’re composed of hard-working individuals dedicated to results who have a heart for teamwork.
  • We’re always willing to learn, and no one in our team pretends to know everything because we never will.
  • We take work seriously but never ourselves too seriously
  • The company is committed to remaining lean, agile, and adaptable while allowing team members the comfort of working remotely.

Application Process

If interested, please email your CV and cover letter to and use the subject: “Off-page Associate – [NAME].” 

Please include how you found out about this job opening in your email.

After you send your email, we will reply with further instructions. You may be tested for your basic writing skills and familiarity with spreadsheets. Your output will determine if an interview will be scheduled.