Hi, I'm Mico

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I’m 28 years old and currently based in Cebu, in the Philippines.

I’ve been a full-time SEO and online marketer since 2018. I currently own and manage a portfolio of affiliate/content sites.

I built this site to document and share my journey as an online entrepreneur.

On BoostZeus, I share my latest insights on what’s working now through in-depth case studies and blog posts.

How I Got Started

After leaving my corporate job working in finance, I started looking for ways to make a passive income online.

At first, like everyone else, I stumbled around, not knowing exactly what to do.

I remember watching a lot of affiliate marketing videos on YouTube. Videos filmed by people who I now know had no idea what they were talking about.

This is actually what I believe to be the most difficult part about starting an online business. 

The internet is full of cheesy online marketers that make more money selling courses than actually practicing what they teach.

Because of this, it’s difficult to find a resource or mentor you can trust.

But, I was lucky enough to eventually stumble upon The Affiliate Lab and Authority Hacker.

These two are the best resources when it comes to affiliate SEO and building authority sites.

After only 6 months of failing and stumbling around, I finally started seeing some results.


The first dollar earned online is always the hardest.

Once you get past that, it becomes real.

It’s proof that you aren’t delusional and can actually earn a living online.

And that’s how I got started.

SEO & online marketing became my passion. And I have been hooked ever since.

What Am I Up To Now

Since then, I have continued to build many successful online businesses.


I’m not usually the type to show earnings screenshots, because I find them very off-putting. But if there was any part of you still unsure if I was legit, then there you go.

My portfolio of websites continues to grow.

You can learn more about my latest projects on my blog.

Projects Aphrodite and Alcyone

In November of 2019, we started working on two new projects, Aphrodite and Alcyone.

Project Aphrodite is an affiliate marketing joint venture in the beauty niche. You can find our case study on this project on the Diggity Marketing blog.

While Project Alcyone is a website we built in the Home & Gardening niche. The interesting thing about this project is that we started this site from scratch on a brand new domain. You can find the case study on this project on the BoostZeus blog.

BoostZeus: SEO Content

In June of 2020, I decided to launch BoostZeus: SEO Content. An SEO Content service.

Content is one of the three most important factors when trying to rank on search engines. (The other two being Links and Technical SEO)

Yet, content is also one of the most costly expenses when getting started. I used to pay a service over 5 cents per word to get quality content that wasn’t even SEO-optimized. And when I skimped on content and paid a service around 3 cents per word, the quality was horrible.

So as a beginner with no budget, I took things into my own hands and built my own editorial team. You can find a comprehensive blog post about our editorial process here.

Fast-forward to today. I’m giving you access to my editorial team. The same team that writes the content for my own sites.

My goal is to provide high-quality, SurferSEO-optimized content. Content that actually ranks, but won’t break the bank.

Let's Connect

Want to get in touch or contribute to BoostZeus? I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me at mico@micomartinez.io