Project Alcyone: Month 13 – November 2020

This month, we saw both traffic and earnings increase by another 50% and we earned nearly $6,000 in commissions!

Project Alcyone - Month 13 - Chart

That’s two 50% increases in two consecutive months.

Just in time for the holidays!


We published 6 articles (13,903 words). 4 How-To Posts, 1 Round-up Review and 1 List Post.

We made sure to continue following a consistent publishing schedule. This month, we published 1-2 articles per week. And we will continue to do so.

Project Total Content Published = 78 Articles (223,698 Words). 59 Round-up Reviews, 13 How-To Posts, 3 Versus Posts, 1 Question Post, 1 List Post, and 1 Alternatives Post.

All content was written by our in-house editorial team, using our templates & guidelines, and optimized using Surfer SEO.

If you’re interested in content written and optimized our way, check out our service at BoostZeus: SEO Content. Use Discount Code: Alcyone to get a 20% discount on your first order.


We built 3 links (guest posts) through our ABC Plus subscription.

We also built 5 links (guest posts) through our in-house link-building team.

Project Total Links Built = 78

We took advantage of RankClub‘s Black Friday sale and purchased 35 tier 2 PBN links!

Project Total Tier 2 PBN Links Built = 108


We saw another 50% increase in traffic this month. From 50,379 sessions last month to 74,333 sessions this month.

We’ve already gotten approved with Mediavine, but we’re still working out the details on how we want the display ads inserted into our site. But once we get started, we estimate to earn at least another $1,000+ in display ad revenue.

Project Alcyone - Month 13 - Traffic


We also saw another huge jump in earnings to $5,999.77 this month. We earned $4,588.76 from Amazon US.

As you can see in the chart below, Black Friday and Cyber Monday gave us a slight bump. But the increase in earnings is more likely due to the increase in traffic.

You can find our earnings from Amazon UK, Canada, and Australia (converted to USD) below:

  • Earnings from Amazon UK: $580.52
  • Earnings from Amazon CA: $614.52
  • Earnings from Amazon Aus: $146.62

We also have some earnings from ShareASale:

  • Earnings from ShareASale: $69.35

Project Total Earnings: $17,643.91


This month, we spent a total of $1,951.15. we spent $695.15 on content, and $1,256 on links.

Project Total Expenses on Content: $11,134.90

Project Total Expenses on Links: $11,970.98

Project Total Expenses (Others): $725.28

Project Total Expenses: $23,831.16

Disclaimer: The $11,134.90 we spent on content is actually the price of the content if it was purchased from our service (BoostZeus: SEO Content). We want to demonstrate how this strategy can still work even if you outsource both content and links.

Project Total Profit/Loss

Project Total Earnings: $17,643.91

Project Total Expenses: $23,831.16

Project Total Profit/Loss: -$6,187.25

We’re now over a year into this project, and we’ve spent nearly $24,000 and made over $17,000 in earnings. As a result, we’re only in the “hole” for a little over $6,000 and should be in the green within the next couple of months.

However, that doesn’t actually really matter to us.

As I’ve said before: This is a long term asset that will only get more valuable over time as it continues to grow.

We can choose to stop spending on new content and links and just take the nearly $6,000 in passive income every month. But that’s not what we want to do. The earning projection we set for this site at the beginning of this project was low 5-figures per month.

Looking at our current rankings, we should still be able to reach that goal. As you can see in the image below, there are still thousands of keywords we are not ranking in the top 3 for.

But if we were to try and sell the site today (which we’re obviously not going to – because earnings and traffic are still improving every month), we wouldn’t sell it for anything less than $180,000.

Sites like these are being sold on Empire Flippers for between 30x-39x monthly profit.

Not a bad return in a little over a year. Considering we’re in the “hole” for only $6,000.

Quick Recap:

  • Published 6 articles (13,903 words)
  • Built 8 links (guest posts)
  • Purchased 35 tier 2 PBN links
  • 50% increase in traffic to 74,333 sessions
  • Earnings this month: $5,999.77
  • Expenses this month: $1,951.15
  • Project total profit/loss: -$6,187.25

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