Project Alcyone: Month 2 – December 2019

The goal this month was to simply continue publishing more articles. Again, we can’t really start ranking unless we have some content published, so it’s really important to get content published on your website as soon as possible.

Other than publishing more articles, we also continued refining the site build but nothing noteworthy


We published 6 articles (15,754 words). All round-up reviews.

Project Total Content Published = 18 Articles (52,064 Words)

All content was written by our in-house editorial team, using our templates & guidelines, and optimized using Surfer SEO.

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We built 8 links (guest posts) through our ABC Plus subscription.

Project Total Links Built = 8

Social Signals

We continued to purchase social signals from SEO Butler. The site isn’t getting any traffic yet, so we need to find another way to justify the links we built this month so that it looks as natural as possible.


It’s still month 2, so we didn’t expect any traffic. We’re probably still in the sandbox so we probably won’t be seeing any traffic until after month 6. As you can see in the graph below, we had 129 sessions this month. This was probably just me and my team publishing more content and tinkering with the site.


No Traffic = No Earnings


This month, we spent a total of $1,815.70. We spent $787.70 on content, $1,000 on links, and $28 on social signals.

Project Total Expenses on Content: $2,603.20

Project Total Expenses on Links: $2,000

Project Total Expenses (Others): $521.69

Project Total Expenses: $5,124.89

Disclaimer: The $2,603.20 we spent on content is actually the price of the content if it was purchased from our service (BoostZeus: SEO Content). We want to demonstrate how this strategy can still work even if you outsource both content and links.

Quick Recap:

  • Published 6 articles (15,754 words)
  • Built 8 links (guest posts) through ABC Plus
  • Purchased social signals
  • No traffic = no earnings
  • Total expenses this month: $1,815.70

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