Project Alcyone: Started From The Bottom

Project Alcyone is the first of many live, over-the-shoulder type case studies we will be publishing on BoostZeus. Our goal is to show you a general overview of the processes and strategies we use to achieve the results we do at BoostZeus.

This project is, in my opinion, a great case study for those who are just starting out. We’re going to take a very simple and straightforward approach. We will be building an Amazon Affiliate site in a relatively low-competition niche. And we will be building it from scratch on a brand new domain. Nothing fancy

The Strategy

To protect the asset, we will obviously not be revealing the site, the niche, or go into too much detail about the strategy. We will, however, be giving a monthly overview of the steps we are taking. We will be sharing KPIs such as Traffic, Earnings, Expenses, Articles Published, Links Built, and more.

We will primarily be using what majority call “white-hat” SEO strategies.

The Niche

We carried out some niche and keyword research to identify a low-competition sub-niche in Home and Gardening. We chose a low-competition sub-niche because we first need to target keywords that are easier to rank for and work our way up. Especially since we’re building our site on a brand new domain.


To start, the site will be monetized solely using the Amazon affiliate program. However, once the site does grow beyond a certain point, we will start considering switching to some non-Amazon affiliate programs.

Earning Potential

Because we chose to operate in a small, low-competition sub-niche, the site has a low ceiling. We project the site to make around low 5-figures per month once we build it out and rank for most of our target keywords.


Since we are starting from scratch on a brand new domain, we expect a 6-month sandbox period wherein we won’t be ranking for anything significant.

However, once we get out of the sandbox, we should be poised to see a nice increase in traffic if we did our niche and keyword research correctly.

Quick Recap:

  • We will be building an Amazon Affiliate Site in a sub-niche of Home and Gardening
  • We will be sharing monthly KPIs such as Traffic, Earnings, Expenses, Articles Published, Links Built, etc.
  • We will be implementing a “white-hat” SEO strategy
  • We don’t expect to see much traffic until after month 6

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