Project Aphrodite: 2020 Recap

If you’re unfamiliar with Project Aphrodite, it is an affiliate marketing joint venture in the beauty niche.

What makes this project unique is that instead of building from scratch, we decided to contact an influencer in the niche (one with an existing website) and pitch a win-win joint venture.

We did not know exactly what to expect since this was something we had never done before. But one year later, we can see that this is a very viable strategy. This project has done a lot better than we could have ever anticipated. And that’s why we wanted to share this update.

We will not be sharing specific details of the strategy (technical SEO, content, and link building) as we have already written about it on the Diggity Marketing Blog (which we recommend you take a look at). Instead, we merely wanted to share an update on how the project is doing.


When we first started working on this project, the website was getting around 150 organic visitors per day (mostly searches for the influencer’s brand).

Today, after implementing the strategies we mentioned in the original case study, the site is now getting close to 9,000 organic visitors per day and growing.


Because it’s a joint venture, we can’t share specific details on the earnings and expenses of the project. But we can share that we are currently monetizing the site through affiliate marketing (Amazon Affiliates and ShareASale) and display ads.

Technical SEO

If you want to see a detailed breakdown of the technical optimizations we made when we first started working on this project, you can find them here.


We have nearly 120 articles published on the site. A good mix of round-up reviews, single product reviews, how-to posts, question posts, and list posts.

All content was written by our in-house editorial team, using our templates & guidelines, and optimized using Surfer SEO.

If you’re interested in content written and optimized our way, check out our service at BoostZeus: SEO Content. Use Discount Code: Aphrodite to get a 20% discount on your first order.


This is probably one of the most interesting aspects of this project. Because it was a joint venture with an influencer that has been blogging for over 10 years and has a strong social media presence (900k+ followers on Instagram and 650k+ subscribers on YouTube), we did not actually have to build that many links to achieve these results.

The domain already had a pretty strong backlink profile with around 900 referring domains and a 40+ DR.

Since we started this project, we have only built around 80 links to this site.

The majority of the links were guest posts from Authority Builders. We also outreached for link insertions and unlinked brand mentions and used HARO. You can learn more about our link building strategy in the case study we wrote for the Diggity Marketing Blog.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the results above, an influencer partnership like this could lead into a huge win-win and crazy ROI.

In the Affiliate Lab, Matt Diggity teaches us how to leverage influencer partnerships to build real E-A-T.

This case study is an example of that, but taken a step further. And by taking it a step further, results like this are easily achievable.

If you’re interested in other case studies, join our Facebook Group. The password is Olympus. We not only share case studies like this, we also give out SEO tips & tricks and answer any questions you guys have regarding building affiliate sites and SEO.