Project Artemis: Month 2 – December 2020

Our objective this month was to conduct a content audit. The goal of the content audit is to optimize existing content for both search and conversion. While doing the content audit, we also encountered some issues we had to address. We will discuss these issues below.

We also took this as an opportunity to switch out affiliate links. It was rather tedious on this site because the previous owner used Amazon short links.

Content Audit

Optimizing for Search and Conversion

To optimize existing content for search, we simply used Surfer SEO‘s SERP Analyzer. We ran all existing content through the SERP Analyzer and just made sure that we were optimized for all words and phrases with a relevance of over 50%.


To optimize existing content for conversion, we first improved grammar and readability. The existing content had a lot of grammatical errors. If your content is difficult to read or has any grammatical errors, it sends a bad signal to your audience that you may not actually be an expert or authority in the niche.

We also edited the intros to shorten them and remove any fluff. This is so that our audience immediately knows that they’re in the right place. It also helps that they can immediately find our comparison tables.

We also changed the layout of the existing comparison tables to look more like the ones in this article by Authority Hacker.

Removing Thin Content / Guest Posts / Link Insertions

While doing the content audit, we found some thin content. The problem with thin content is that they serve no purpose at all. If they are not going to rank, then they don’t add any value and are just a waste of our crawl budget.

Upon further inspection, some of the thin content were actually even guest posts pointing to competitor sites. This is a big issue because we should never send links to our competitors. How would we ever be able to outrank them?

Furthermore, there were link insertions on some of the content. Link insertions pointing to our competitors as well! This is no good if you plan on outranking them.

To remedy this, we simply removed all thin content, guest posts, and link insertions. I then went to the Removals Tool on GSC and submitted removal requests for these URLs.


We finally hooked the site up to Google Analytics so we finally have some traffic data. As you can see below, we had 19,164 sessions this month.

Project Artemis - Month 2 - Traffic


We were also finally able to switch out the Amazon affiliate links. We earned $183.04 in commissions this month.

This makes a lot of sense considering the site was making a little over $180 per month over the last 6 months before we purchased it.

Project Total Earnings: $183.04


Because we spent this month doing a content audit, we did not incur any expenses.

Project Total Expenses on Content: $0

Project Total Expenses on Links: $0

Project Total Expenses (Others): $5,374.72

Project Total Expenses: $5,374.72

Project Total Profit/Loss

Project Total Earnings: $183.04

Project Total Expenses: $5,374.72

Project Total Profit/Loss: -$5,191.68

We’re on our second month into this project, and we’ve spent a little over $5,000. We plan to spend a lot more as we ramp up on content production and link building next month.

Quick Recap:

  • Completed content audit
  • Removed thin content / guest posts / link insertions
  • 19,164 sessions this month
  • Earnings this month: $183.04
  • Expenses this month: $0
  • Project total profit/loss: -$5,191.68

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