Project Artemis: Month 3 – January 2021

The objective this month was to simply publish more content. The content currently published on the site isn’t exactly targeting the type of keywords we normally would. They just don’t have enough search volume.

We also started doing some link building via Authority Builders.


Our writers were pretty busy working on other projects this month so we weren’t able to publish as much content as we would have liked.

We published 2 articles (8,123 words). Both round-up reviews.

Project Total Content Published = 2 Articles (8,123 words). 2 Round-up Reviews.

All content was written by our in-house editorial team, using our templates & guidelines, and optimized using Surfer SEO.

If you’re interested in content written and optimized our way, check out our service at BoostZeus: SEO Content. Use Discount Code: Artemis to get a 20% discount on your first order.


We built 3 links (guest posts) through our ABC Plus subscription.

Project Total Links Built = 3


We saw an 11% increase in traffic this month. From 19,164 sessions last month to 21,303 sessions this month.

This is promising considering the only thing we’ve done so far is the content audit.

***Don’t mind the weird issue with “organic” and “(none)” traffic glitching in the image above. Google Analytics was glitching and it eventually just fixes itself in February.


We saw a 50% increase in earnings this month. From $183.04 earned last month to $272.06 earned this month.

We haven’t done anything else, so I can confidently say that this increase in earnings is due to the CRO we did while doing the content audit last month.

You can read about the optimizations we made in last month’s update.

This is great. We pretty much just increased the value of this project by 50% by simply doing some conversion rate optimization.

Project Total Earnings: $455.10


This month, we spent a total of $906.15. we spent $406.15 on content, and $500 on links.

Project Total Expenses on Content: $406.15

Project Total Expenses on Links: $500

Project Total Expenses (Others): $5,374.72

Project Total Expenses: $6,280.87

Disclaimer: The $406.15 we spent on content is actually the price of the content if it was purchased from our service (BoostZeus: SEO Content). We want to demonstrate how this strategy can still work even if you outsource both content and links.

Project Total Profit/Loss

Project Total Earnings: $455.10

Project Total Expenses: $6,280.87

Project Total Profit/Loss: -$5,825.77

We’re on our third month into this project, and we’ve spent nearly $6,000. We plan to spend a lot more as we ramp up both content production and link building in the coming months.

Quick Recap:

  • Published 2 articles (8,123 words)
  • Built 3 links (guest posts) through ABC Plus
  • 21,303 sessions this month
  • Earnings this month: $272.06
  • Expenses this month: $906.15
  • Project total profit/loss: -$5,825.77

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