Project Artemis: Month 5 – March 2021

This month, we saw a 24% increase in traffic and a 56% increase in earnings!

We continued to publish even more content. We kept the same publishing velocity as last month, publishing 3 articles per week.


We published 12 articles (19,302 words). 2 Round-up Reviews, 9 How-To Posts, and 1 Question Post.

Project Total Content Published = 26 Articles (56,716 words). 7 Round-up Reviews, 18 How-To Posts, and 1 Question Post.

All content was written by our in-house editorial team, using our templates & guidelines, and optimized using Surfer SEO.

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We built another 3 links (guest posts) through our ABC Plus subscription.

Project Total Links Built = 9


We saw a 24% increase in traffic this month. From 16,987 sessions last month to 21,135 sessions this month.

Project Artemis - Month 5 - Traffic


We also saw a 56% increase in earnings this month! From $313.86 earned last month to $490.64 earned this month. We earned $280.46 from Amazon and $210.18 from ShareASale.

As you can see above, we started earning a decent chunk of commissions from ShareASale. About 43% of our commissions are no longer dependent on Amazon.

We highly advise everyone to diversify affiliate programs. Around this time last year, Amazon cut commissions by over 50%.

You can see how this becomes a problem if you’re 100% dependent on Amazon for commissions. You can literally lose 50% of value overnight over something you have no control of.

Besides, there are a lot of non-Amazon affiliate programs that pay much higher commissions.

Project Total Earnings: $1,249.60


This month, we spent a total of $1,465.10. we spent $965.10 on content, and $500 on links.

Project Total Expenses on Content: $2,835.80

Project Total Expenses on Links: $1,500

Project Total Expenses (Others): $5,374.72

Project Total Expenses: $9,710.52

Disclaimer: The $2,835.80 we spent on content is actually the price of the content if it was purchased from our service (BoostZeus: SEO Content). We want to demonstrate how this strategy can still work even if you outsource both content and links.

Project Total Profit/Loss

Project Total Earnings: $1,249.60

Project Total Expenses: $9,710.52

Project Total Profit/Loss: -$8,460.92

We’re on our fifth month into this project, and we’re in the hole for nearly $8,500. However, this is all part of the plan. We actually plan on spending even more as we continue publishing content and building more links.

Quick Recap:

  • Published 12 articles (19,302 words)
  • Built 3 links (guest posts) through ABC Plus
  • 21,135 sessions this month
  • Earnings this month: $490.64
  • Expenses this month: $1,465.10
  • Project total profit/loss: -$8,460.92

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