Project Athena: Trusting the Process

In month 11 of our first live case study (Project Alcyone), we mentioned that we were working on 2 new projects. One in the parenting niche and one in the software niche. Project Athena will be another live, over-the-shoulder type case study on our project in the software niche. Our goal is to show you a general overview of the processes and strategies we use to achieve the results we do at BoostZeus.

What Makes This Project Different?

Unlike Project Alcyone, this project is going to be in a much more competitive niche. We’re going to take a little more risks (such as using an aged domain). We will be giving a little more attention to each and every one of the articles we publish since each of these articles is significantly more valuable than that of a typical Amazon round-up review. But other than that, we are still going to take a very simple and straightforward approach – quality content and links.

The Strategy

To protect the asset, we will obviously not be revealing the site, the niche, or go into too much detail about the strategy. We will, however, be giving a monthly overview of the steps we are taking. We will be sharing KPIs such as Traffic, Earnings, Expenses, Articles Published, Links Built, and more.

We will primarily be using what majority call “white-hat” SEO strategies.

The Niche

We carried out some niche and keyword research to identify a very lucrative sub-niche in the Software Industry. We actually chose to build a new site in this specific sub-niche because we are actually already pulling in mid-4-figures per month on a “test site”.


The site will be monetized through affiliate marketing. The interesting thing about the software we are promoting is that they are a subscription-based service. This means their affiliate programs offer recurring commissions for the lifetime of each sign-up.

Earning Potential

Because we currently make mid-4-figures ranking for longer tail keywords on our test site, it’s safe to say that this project has a pretty high ceiling. We project the site to make around mid-5-figures per month once we build it out and rank for most of our target keywords. It will definitely be a slow start as sign-ups pile up, but we should eventually see exponential growth.


Since we are using an aged domain, we need to see some articles targeting longer tail keywords rank in the top 30 within the first 3 months (without any link-building). This is just to ensure that we won’t be wasting too much effort and budget on a dud domain. If Google rejects the domain and it really is a dud, then we will be rebuilding this project on another domain.

If we get past that 3-month mark with decent rankings, we’ll take that as a go signal to accelerate our publishing and link-building efforts.

We will also need to be patient because it is such a competitive niche. We expect that it will take over a year to rank for any of the high-value keywords in this sub-niche.

Quick Recap:

  • We will be building an Affiliate Site in a sub-niche of the Software Industry
  • We will be sharing monthly KPIs such as Traffic, Earnings, Expenses, Articles Published, Links Built, etc.
  • We will be implementing a “white-hat” SEO strategy
  • We will observe rankings for the first 3 months to make sure Google isn’t rejecting the domain
  • We don’t expect to rank for any of the high-value keywords in the first year

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